American Education Week

American Education Week is November 14 -19
We must ask the question: Is there a link between psychology/neurology and crime? College students studying Criminology are learning the provocative theories as personality theory, psychoanalytic theory, neurobiological theory and ideas which associate criminal thinking patterns and criminal actions. In this century, about 5 million children age 4-17 years have ever been diagnosed with ADHD, and approximately 10% are school-aged children. During American Education Week, November 14-19, the California Teachers Association reminds us the importance of psychologist on campus to help our youth become successful dealing with mental disorders ( Teachers have been using appropriate teaching methods and improving the classroom environment to increase the attention of ADD/ADHD youth. We should celebrate the use of research and evidence from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention ( that make teachers aware of how to manage behavioral disorders in the classroom so that our students can say: I love learning!  Strategies have been preparing teachers to help ADD/ADHD students succeed in school rather than dropping out and choosing the path of crime.

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  1. RichardNovember 9, 2011You don’t have to be a preschool teacehr or someone specializing in this to know that this is WRONG. There are so many teacehrs that have no idea about how to teach effectively and they have no idea how to teach different learning styles.Do you hear me is different from do you understand. For some reason, the stupid schools think that every child is an advanced learner. Teachers have GOT to understand that especially at this age, children are growing, figuring out their learning style-and not every child will understand something right away.It is nothing but pure ignorance for a teacehr to not understand that.I hate how these idiots can get to be teacehrs and yet when a good person wants to get into this career they can’t because they have trouble meeting the graduating requirements.Bottom line- Do you hear me refers to a child not paying attention or having a wandering mind. That may be due to age and maturity, but it very well be a learning disability.Do you understand is just their way of asking if the child is paying attention.There is nothing you can do.

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