Portugal’s Antonio Guterres Appointed Secretary General to the United Nations Security Council

Antonio Guterres was formally nominated today as the next Secretary-General for the United Nations. Originally from Portugal, Guterres has served as the head of the United Nations refugee agency for the ten years and until 2015. His experience and views on a wide range of issues ensure approval by the United Nations Security Council and will awaits final ratification by the 193 member- UN General Assembly .

Prior to entering politics in 1974, Guterres was working  as assistant professor (engineering). In 199-2002, he was a competent  leader of Portugal; and, head of the Socialist Party. In 2002-2015, showing prowess an an effective leader, he was to serve as Commissioner for the United National Refugees. Passionate and capable, was given recognition for managing the challenges facing the world both currently and throughout the years. He wrote that the UN was “uniquely placed to connect the dots to overcome these challenges, but change and reform are needed.” Ultimately, if selected by the UN General Assembly, he will serve a five-year term, succeeding Ban Ki-Moon, whose second term ends on December 31, 2016.