Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Raise awareness about modern day slavery when you Meet Emma, she represents over 200,000 children at risk for commercial sexual exploitation in the United States. By sharing her story on Facebook and Twitter you can help take part in the fight against the sale of children.  

Gender Equality

Attorney General To Improve Gender Equality With a boost from new requirements in Australia, AGL Energy Limited (AGK) noted limited progress this year in its ongoing battle to make workplace policies more amenable to female staff. The Australian energy company said in its 2012 Sustainability Performance Report released this month that women …

US Sentencing Commission

We are pleased to announce that Dr. K. A. Garth-James has been appointed to the United States Sentencing Commission where she will advise on victims issues and policy. For more information about the US Sentencing Commission visit

Gender Inequality Trends (US/UK)

What is  KAGL & Affiliates Interests in the Gender Inequality Index (GII)? KAGL & Affiliates believes that education and work training are important elements related to the achievements of women to gain full equality with men. In particular, our interests are to improve the literacy and employability of female offenders …