Gender Inequality Trends (US/UK)

What is  KAGL & Affiliates Interests in the Gender Inequality Index (GII)?
KAGL & Affiliates believes that education and work training are important elements related to the achievements of women to gain full equality with men. In particular, our interests are to improve the literacy and employability of female offenders in prisons (jails), recently released from a facility, and/or serving time in community corrections alternative placements (residential treatment), for a positive change in the GII. The Urban Institute Reentry Roundtable (2004) study of American prisons indicates that correctional interventions such as work training and education are factors involved in reducing recidivism and improved reentry for law-breakers (or offenders). Modely & Giguere (2010) reports that 37% of women (compared to 28% of men) offenders are mothers, poor, and employed in low-wage jobs; and, they were incarcerated for violations of drug and property laws. Female offenders are committing crimes to care for their children.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Components of the Gender Inequality Index and my article on GII.

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