Hello, International, Women In Leadership and Learning (I, WILL) leaders!

In the new millennium, KAGL and Affiliates helps develop a cadre of strong women leaders. We want to do something different and empower young women as global leaders! Women who feel confident with fresh ideas for the future!

From watching television, reading newspapers and attending women conferences, young women of color continue to struggle with breaking through the proverbial Glass Ceiling. The cohort of Latino (Hispanic) and Asian women out number African-American women by almost two to one. The good news is that all international young women confront the same challenges as mothers, wage-earners and learners (college students, life-long learners). We must work together and not let race, class issues divide us women. I,WILL women will go into the world and bring peace, alleviate poverty and support projects for strong healthy families. Partnerships with others, may well define the “spirit” of 21st century international women.

Today, I, WILL leaders, differ from their predecessors in significant ways. Dr. K. A. Garth knows all too well of the challenges they face and that jobs require higher educational and technical competence. The soft skills—social and business etiquette andinterpersonal skills—are at a premium as well as bilingualism. We will offer I, WILL training sessions for selected young women who want to become more competitive and advance in their current positions. These training’s will emphasize skills that are at a premium to help women become I, WILL leaders at home, work and in the community. A short questionnaire is available by contacting KAGL and Affiliates, kagl@aol.com.