Welcome to the PVAW Education Project discussion. Our aim is to stimulate thinking about the important topic of violence against immigrant/refugee women that escape violence in their country to California. You are encouraged to share thoughts about how to help these women, including how to use education and policy action to establish services as shelters, mental health counseling, HIV/AIDs awareness, family, literacy and employment training services.

Dr. K. A. Garth’s presentation on Policy and Violence Against Immigrant/Refugee Women (PVAW) Education Project at the 30th ABI/IBI International Congress on Arts and Communication, July 7, 2004, Dublin, Ireland was a success! She delivered the presentation to some 300 delegates representing 44 countries that included Angola, Australia, Botswana, China, Canada, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Israel, Nepal, Korea, Republic of Armenia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, United States and Yemen. The PVAW brochure is available by clicking the link. She was Inducted Secretary-General, United Cultural Convention on July 10, 2004.